Who we are

LiveCapital was born out of the Overlap Design Conference in New York City in June 2010.  We are a diverse, interdisciplinary group of professionals passionate about the issue of “dead capital,” how we can facilitate improvement in access to and knowledge of legal and political processes around property rights.

Nick Gogerty is trained as an anthropologist global MBA.  He works in finance, risk and technology innovation.  His interest in Dead capital and property rights stems from years of research into the systemic causes of poverty.  He believes that designing and implementing better systems lets us become better people for each other.

Peter S. Crosby is a social media and technology entrepreneur with executive leadership experience in international nonprofit and for-profit environments. He is currently the Founding Partner of AllTogetherNow – a consulting group integrating global social enterprises with strategic media & technology. Peter believes that people who trust each other, tell stories together through media, and know how tech can make it global, can accelerate progressive social change around the world.

Nicole Skibola is trained as a lawyer and human rights practitioner. Her current mission is to create a greater synergy between the policy, business and design worlds. She currently works as a social innovation strategist at a boutique management consulting firm and helps several organizations to create legal and social change strategies.


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